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Phase 1:
Collecting information.
Estimating the basic needs and machineries.
Basic studies.
  • Discussing achieved permissions with the employer
  • Collecting project dossiers using employer's co-operation and scanning accomplished tasks
  • Studying geographical, geotechnical and topographical specifications of the location
  • Studying reports on climate conditions of the site
  • Studying common requirements: Water, fuel, power, sewer system (system to carry off sewage).
  • Basic studies on technical specifications of machineries.
  • Providing production line's general emplacement maps
  • Estimating required spaces for storing and using raw material and product
  • Determining the support sites, refineries, renovation sites, part repositories, laboratories, control room, etc
  • Determining the architectural reference standards
  • Determining relationships between spaces. Emplacing structures. Providing the general emplacement map
  • Determining various choices of fitting units in the site bounds
  • Basic studies on water distribution system scheme
  • Basic studies on power post, primary and subordinate power networks, compulsive power supply
  • Basic studies on supplying fuel, water, power, steam, compressed air
  • Basic studies on cooling and heating ventilation system schemes
  • Providing report of the Phase one and presenting to the employer