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Turn Key Projects

Veresk Group is able to undertake all tasks (as listed below) in implementing a project and to leave only the "Turn Key" to the customers.



Providing architectural plots and determining relevancies of different spaces. (more info)


Calculating the technical specifications and necessary capacities of production line machineries and accessories. (more info)


Designing and providing executive maps for power and mechanical units. (more info)


Supplying the machineries. (more info)


Implementing power and mechanical units based on provided schemes.


Installing and operating the water purification system.


Installing and operating the distillation unit.


Installing and operating the malt extraction system for producing Beer.


Designing the suitable label and packing forms.


Installing the machineries and doing test-production.


Electing the staff and presenting the production schema.


Designing the programs of repairment and maintenance. (CM, PM)


Presenting the marketing and sale systems.