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Consultation Services

Did you know that the main reason for many projects not coming along with success is the lack of enough studies and not having expert teams and experienced consultants?

Veresk Group is established based on having recognition over the fact and knowing the reasons of why investors sustain a loss in such arenas. By having that as a doctrine, Veresk Group tries to promote the norms of consultative services use.

Veresk, by owning valuable ideas and tools, can be your best consultant in order to achieve the goals. We suggest the best and most conscious ways to you. To choose the product that most suits the market needs, sustaining less loss, reducing the charges, minimizing the risks, maximizing the gains and selecting the most beneficial systems of publicizing the products.


Consultative services head items  

Phase 0: Providing financial proposal that suits the bank's compliance to grant credits. The proposal consists of investigating the market and economics, technical and financial studies with software tools.

Phase 1: Collecting information. Estimating the basic needs and machineries. (More)

Phase 2: Calculating the necessary lots. Providing the executive architectural plots. Finding out technical specifications of the constructional tasks. (More)

Phase 3: Providing technical specifications of machineries of the production line and other equipments. (More)

Phase 4: Designing and providing executive maps for power and mechanical units. (More)

Phase 5: Superintending. (More)